Body scan

3dMD company offers a wide range of imaging systems to scan various parts of the body: 3dMDface, 3dMDtorso, 3dMDcranial, 3dMDbody. Each system consists of a base portion and imaging modules, of which can construct any system configuration. As a result, 3dMD systems are easy to maintain and adapt to the needs of measurement. It also easily allows to expand the system by adding extra modules, for example to increase the imaging area of the entire face from 180 to 360. This also allows the user full flexibility in rebuilding the system in case of change of the scope of research. The technology allows some applications to register the geometry of the surface at up to 60 frames / sec.


  • The speed of acquired data, approx. 1.5ms (highest resolution – elimination of errors and problems associated with the movement of the patient)
  • Points cloud generated in one measurement session (eliminating errors associated with mergers and to overlapping data from different sessions)
  • Geometric Accuracy: <= 0.2mm RMS or better (depending on configuration)

Mapping of textures (simultaneous acquisition of geometry and color data with high resolution texture)


  • 3dMD scanners are fast, easy to use and offer excellent resolution. Generated 3D models can be used for many applications, like:
  • 3D visualization
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical research
  • Archiving
  • The study of ergonomics
  • Spatial portraits
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